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Started as an activity way back in 1993, by Medha Kulkarni and veterans such as Pushpa Bhave and Anil Awachat, Sampark today has gained tremendous momentum. It has grown to become a movement. A movement that advocates ‘change’.

Sampark means contact or to connect. This is the first step in establishing a dialogue. A dialogue which would help to bring about change in people's attitudes and behaviour. Hence the name, Sampark. Because we believe in dialogue, we also believe that right communication based on precise information, can bring about change. From change of heart to change in policy.

Sampark believes that social change is not necessarily achieved through provocative agitations. Persuasion with the right choice of words and Advocacy can lead to the desired action. 

By harnessing this incredible power of words, Sampark has been instrumental in prompting public debates and resolving several social problems while influencing the formulation and implementation of public policies.


Some of the issues Sampark helped gain a voice are :

-  Livelihood
-  Literacy
-  Anti liquor campaign
-  Maternal & neonatal health
-  Malnutrition
-  Employment Guarantee Scheme
-  Development of Dalits
-  Right to Information

Of course, none of this would have been possible without Sampark's network of media
persons, researchers, experts and netizens. Through this network, we are connected with
various social organisations, movements and the media which helps us keep a tab on the
emerging global and local trends, policies and the consequent challenges for social
movements. Sampark also promotes good work being done by the NGOs and Governments through media. On one hand, it facilitates NGOs and volunteers to reach out to policy makers and media, and on the other hand it brings journalists, academicians and opinion makers near to
the movements.

Medha Kulkarni

Founder / Trustee

Puspa Bhave


Anil Shaligram


Hemant Karnik

Chief Advisor

Tanaji Patil

Project Development

Neha Khare

Corporate Affairs

Aashay Gune

Social Media

Mrunalini Jog
Varsha Athavle


Editor - Navi Umed

anant v_edited.jpg
Snehal Bansode

Team Member

Anant Vaidya
Tushar Gaikwad

Team Member

Team Member

Team Member

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