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Navi Umed is a Facebook Forum created by SAMPARK to showcase the various efforts being made by the common people in society at large. Since its inception, Navi Umed has posted 1000 such stories.
Navi Umed completed 6 years on 26th April 2022. We now have our presence on all social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, twitter, You Tube, blog and website.

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The page statistics, among our readers 74% are between age group of 18-44.


The page doesn’t talk only about problems. It talks about the problems along with solutions found and applied by people, villages, teachers, bureaucrats, elected representatives, NGOs etc.


Team ‘Navi Umed’ comprises of:


  • Young women and men representatives from 22 districts of Maharashtra

  • 5 from Mumbai

  • One Editor cum Coordinator


Human interest stories from the districts in form of text / photo features / videos are sent for publication. No story is published without cross verification: authenticity is important. The representatives are local journalists who know the district, geographically, culturally and socially. They look for socially relevant initiatives in their areas and collect information through visits and interviews. They send their stories in form of text, photos or videos to the Editor who trims them to size. She also verifies and supplements these stories if need be. They are then scheduled for publication on the page.


One or two fresh stories are published every day on the page. The issues such as child education, girl child, menstrual hygiene, parenting, farming, drinking water and sanitation, drought etc are covered.

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