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Shidori - Mata v Bal Poshanachi

Shidori Mata-Bal Poshanachi

A community- based approach to improve the nutrition given in Anagnwadis in our state. This initiative involves not only, the WCD and ICDS departments, along with the local legislators, Anganwadi workers and members of SHGs in their constituencies, but also members of `Mumbai Swayampakghar' ** facebook group.

The aim is to use the knowledge in the community to create a variety of nutritious food items using the local ingredients and ration provided in the aganwadis.  We also plan to bring out a recipe book of the best recipes contributed by the anganwadi owrkers as well as members of the `Mumbai Swayampakghar' ** facebook group.


** Mumbai Swayampakghar facebook group has more than 11 thousand members spread all over the world. The group is dedicated to the food culture, recipes and nutrition. Most of the members associated with MSFBG are from various parts of Maharashtra.

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